Vertical Bar Layout

I have the blessing and the curse of being a life long sufferer of curiosity. Most of my art usually is of characters, people from life, fashion and uniforms, or abstract marks all on their own. Sometimes when I can, I combine them all.

If I'm not drawing people I'm usually exploring the sometimes thin veil of reality and dissociation even if I don't realize I'm doing it. More recently themes of VR and self-surveillance has been cropping up in my brain.

I think humanity and society at large is heading for a very strange place as we see technologies like the internet and AI grow. To think we are only at the tip of this iceberg is sometimes scary I will admit. I don't think we have fully comprehended it yet.

On the right is some of my art. Feel free to click the small thumbnails to see larger versions. However this a small amount of my work. usually you can find most of my stuff in full res on my Twitter or on Instagram.

Animated Gradient