Ezekiel Crasco

  • age: 25
  • gender: male
  • personality: very funny. sort of reserved looking from the outside, but loves to talk. takes his craft seriously





  • lives in Fort Belknap, Montana
  • has a younger brother,Wout, and an older sister, Tunar
  •  a good person that tends to maybe sometimes be too nice
  • goes to powwows and is a grass dancer.
  • he and his family is very passionate about what he does and finds it excited to be around family and community during powwows
  • works at home and does web development work
  • used to know Pomona when he was a young kid
  • Pomona had/has feelings for him and misses him dearly. Ezekiel also feels the same way :(
  • secrectly loves Hamtaro......