this is the e-shrine of the skeleton kingdom. as started by sulayman, the skeleton king. and marcus alaniz, the skeleton general....


here lies a very dark place. few have lived to tell the tale... only 3 have managed.

sulay,marcus and madison... luckily they're able to tell their tale to us


the king

every morning the skeleton king wakes up in his bed that is a giant bowl of cereal,

its massive, its huge. the first thing he does when he wake up is he eats the bowl of

cereal he sleeps on. hes obsessed .that takes him the whole day so by the time hes done he

has to go to bed again.


the general

  • leads the skeleton army


"its just a vague number of skeletons"


he says his job is to guard the king's slide called helter skelter because there's always a party being held at the bottom of it, specifically a festival .it never stops


theres a ritual that happens every now and then and it happens when the skeleton priest goes to the cemetery . what he does is he starts throwing potions everywhere, and all these skeletons rise.


depending on what kind of potion they get hit with thats the kind of skeleton they become.