what many people may not know is that i love fountain pens !!

i am also lucky enough to live in a family that also loves fountain pens as well, so my first introduction into these pens are vintage pens.

some people get nervous or scared of using a vintage pen but there's nothing to worry about! just treat it well and it will write fine :))

I mainly use my pens to draw with, but I do use them for writing ias well!

My pens:

Modern Pens !

Vintage Pens !

  • TWISBI Diamond AL 50 (Turquoise) (F)
  • BENU Essence (Blazing Gold) (M)
  • Pilot Vanishing Point (Gunmetal) (EF)
  • Pilot Kak√ľno (Purple) (M)
  • Pilot Petit1 (Whole Set)
  • Pilot Metropolitan (Retro Pop Green) (M)
  • Platinum Preppy (Purple) (F 0.3)
  • Platinum Preppy (Red) (M 0.5)
  • Sailor Fude de Mannen (Profit)
  • Sailor x Pent SaijikiI Aomidori (MF)
  • Sailor (Nagasawa) 1911 (MF)
  • OPUS 88  Koloro Demonstrator (M)
  • Osprey Pens Scholar (Black) (Flexpert w/ normal M nib)
  • FPR Guru (Black) (Flex)
  • FPR Guru (Clear) (Ultra Flex)
  • FPR Jaipur (Black) (Ultra Flex)
  • FPR Himalaya V1 (Ultra Flex)
  • Jinhao 250 (F)
  • Aihao Blue and White Porcelain pen (? can't find a specific name lol)
  • Noodlers Charlie
  • Waterman Phileas Pen
  • Kaweco Al Sport (Rose Gold) (F)
  • Pilor Parallel (3.8mm with custom Arabic caligraphy  grind from here)
  • Conklin Duraflex Freedom (No. 1694/1898)s

Pens in my everyday carry :))

Pens I keep in a drawer :D