Adam Majumdar

  • age: 24
  • gender: male
  • personality: can get really nervous and shy but is actually really nice. honestly just trying to like himself more and make a change in the world. but with this he can be extremely stubborn.




  • senate intern in d.c.
  • son of a prominent figure in politics, his dad
  • has a picture of obama in his wallet.
  • kind of has a not so lowkey crush on kaitlyn
  • nearly died in a shooting while on holiday in india for navaratri which caused him to be get really anxious for a few years.
  • his sister amna is religious unlike himself
  • his other sister, nishi became radicalized by isis and joined isis, and her whereabouts are unknown.
  • goes on a massive journey around the middle east area and parts of india rescuing his sister Nishi and solving a  plan with a senator in the states who was secretly funding terrorist organizations