Here's a page of really helpful links and tools for different interests of Animal Crossing New Horizons!


Here you'll find many great tools and websites for the average player. There's also some great links for those who hack ACNH.

Normal Tools
  • , a website for cataloging items you have, including DIYs, It's also integrated with a tool that allows you to scan your catalogue automatically through Twitter!

  • , a website used to list and join other queues to buy and sell turnips, very useful when you're starting out !

  • Nookazon ,find, sell, and trade items, services, and villagers.

  • Happy Island Designer, plan your island out!
  • ACNH Design Pattern Editor , An amazing app for Windows and Mac, which allows you to easily create and manage patterns. layers, image conversion, QR code support, and much more is in this ! I highly recommend this!

  • , a website that allows you to create, share, and export ACNH designs. allows image conversion as well.

Hacking Tools
  • NHSE , a save editor for ACNH that can edit saves which can be re-injected using a tool such as JKSV. Download is to the right under "About" This is the safest way of editing a save. I do not recommend using methods such as "live hacking" at all.

  • Villager and Villager House files for NHSE , Unlike the last game, villagers and their houses are actually separate from each other. To properly change out a villager in NHSE you need to make sure you have the correct files. The link given shows you how to do this properly.

  • ACNH Custom Color Editor! Make custom hair and eye colors!